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Apr 6, 2024 - 1 minute read - Comments - links

Links 2024-04-06

I can’t seem to find things on the web as well as I used to. I blame Google being enshittified, but whatever the reason, I’m going to post links here. Not sure of the tempo or format but I guess I’ll figure that out.

  • Lydiard Lacing. I’ve been having trouble with my toes and someone mentioned that changing my lacing might help. I’ve tried Lydiard Lacing for a few weeks and it gives my toes a lot more room. I fear that Nike link will eventually rot, so here’s another explanation.

  • Big Three. Three exercises I’ve been doing for my back

  • RockAuto - An alternative to Amazon for car parts. I needed wiper blades, so checked where reddit recommended to buy them and also which brand to buy.

  • MediaCMS - Someday I’d like to try this out for all the family photos and videos we have.

Cory Doctorow Rabbit Hole Links 2024-04-07

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