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Aug 16, 2022 - 2 minute read - Comments - travel family

Three tips on visiting Italy!

Today, I have a guest post for you from a very famous author.

By: Avik Kurup

If you’re going to visit Italy, I believe that these three tips will make you have an amazing trip.

First and foremost, visit Florence, Rome, Venice, and Cinque Terre. Florence has delicious food and the best gelato out of all of these places. Rome has the best pizza. Also, the colosseum and the forum are important and fun sites to see there. In Venice they have incredible pasta and seafood and many places to ride on boats.

Another important thing to know about visiting Italy is that you don’t want to drive. Cars are difficult to use because there are a lot of one way roads and confusing traffic lights. You will enjoy walking or going on a bike tour more. You can also use the train for longer distances.

The last tip that will help you enjoy your trip to Italy is you should eat as much pizza, pasta, and gelato as possible. Pizza in Italy has a crunchier crust and they put a ton of cheese. When you order pasta the bowl is humongous, but there is a small hole in the middle that is filled with pasta. It is way more than you think. I recommend the pasta bolognese. Italian gelato is fresh and inexpensive. You can get two flavors in a cup for $2.50!

Clearly, Italy has fantastic sights to see and food to eat. If you follow these three tips you will have a great trip!

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