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Apr 8, 2019 - 1 minute read - Comments - family poetry

Avik 7:30

“Here it comes!” His eyes light up.
Slurps one last sip from his small cup.

Then bounding from the kitchen table,
Fast as lighting, he is able

To trash his scraps and stow his dishes.
He yells to Mom, “It was delicious!”

One more breath then on the couch he lands.
“What’s up?” says Mom. Dad shrugs his hands.

Big brother also has no idea.
Big sister sighs, “He’s a weird one I fear.”

We gather round to be sure he’s fine.
Eyes glued to his wrist, “It’s 7:29!”

And then the beeping fills the room.
The smile confirms he’s over the moon.

The source of this happiness, on his arm,
His brand new watch, and a 7:30 alarm.

(A real-life story, barely embellished)

A kid with a watch A kid with a watch

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