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May 26, 2001 - 2 minute read - Comments - dotcom life free-software family cousins-trip

Bunch of stuff

Life has been moving too quickly for me to document my menial existence. Check back again soon when my existence is not so menial! In the meantime, here’s a Cliff Note’s version (may Cliff rest in peace) of the past 5 months (in no particular order).

  • I left
  • I began doing freelance web development
  • I finished a Palm-based interface for The Answer Page
  • I began moonlighting at MIT’s After Hours Medical Center, thus getting in touch with my “medical” side again.
  • I’ve begun helping out with the OpenACS 4 project and have so far ported the Notes module, Download module and Ticket-Tracker-Lite module.
  • My grandmother passed away at the age of 91 on March 31, 2001. She was a strong vibrant woman and remained that way up until her passing.
  • My cousin Deepu matched at UCSF for internal medicine!!! What a stud! Of course, I’m only saying that so he’ll let me stay with him when I visit SF :-)
  • My cousins and I went sea kayaking in North Carolina and survived! Physical effort, natural beauty and comraderie combined to make it a perfect weekend away from the daily grind.
  • We celebrated my roommate Gerry’s bachelor party in Miami. Enough said ;-)
  • My brother Manu got a sweet job at Harley Davidson!!! He’ll be travelling to places like Japan, Brazil and Australia and taking his little brother with him (hint, hint)
  • A bunch of other stuff happened, but my fingers are getting tired.

My first OpenACS port Girish is published!

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