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Aug 2, 2003 - 3 minute read - Comments - running

Running in the Rain

It was pouring, monsoon-style here in NYC today, but I went running anyway. When it’s raining, no one else is out, so I get the path to myself. And jumping over (or through) the puddles makes me feel like a tough guy. I swear I can hear the Rocky theme song when I run in the rain. The only bad thing about running in the rain is that the always-stunning midtown skyline gets obscured by the clouds.

I haven’t run outside since July 13th when my knee started hurting. I’ve run on the treadmill a couple times this week and my knee felt fine, so I decided to hit the pavement today. I ran to the East River and all the way down to the South Street Seaport. About 8 miles in 90 minutes. My knee was a little sore at the end but it feels fine now.

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Pains of Running

I think my body is trying to send me a message. Since the beginning of this year I really began to elevate my mileage. I started with a 5k race in the beginning of April then a 5 mile race by the end of April and then a mini-marathon in the beginning of May. During this whole time period I could feel my heels and body begin to have more aches and pains. I took about 2 weeks off of running after all of this and have been back into my running for the past 2 months. Lately, I have noticed myself skipping some runs. I find it very frustrating. I tell myself....are you just being a wimp! Today I skipped a long run. A 12 miler. I woke up this morning feeling very achey(back and heels). I am telling myself to maybe take a couple of days off or running and instead doing some stationary bike, which really sucks! I have come to realize that I need to focus more and just finishing the Marathon I am training for than trying to kill myself for a great time. Vinu, I feel your pain cuz!

Harish Nair 2003-08-03 19:13:38

1 step at a time

Hey Harish! I think you have the right attitude. Just set your goal on the finish line and I guarantee you'll be happy with your performance. And I think I can say with some conviction that "You, sir, are NOT a wimp!" It's good to back down on your training every once in a while - let your energy regenerate again. Don't worry - there's still plenty of time left!

Vinod Kurup 2003-08-06 00:16:42

Don't stop a rockin'

Keep up the strong work,, Vinu. I'm in the middle of 2 continuous weeks of 'nightfloat' (8p-8a shifts) which is sapping my will to live, not to mention my ability to run. I went for a long run (maybe 11 miles) this past weekend, but I'm not sure I'm going to have the heart for more than a few miles these next 1.5 weeks. Gotta keep trying.. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again in a couple of weeks! Harish, hang in there. It's no crime to take a couple of days to rest before getting back to the training...

Deepu Nair 2003-08-06 03:21:32

Be sure to use the correct Rocky

Just make sure it's the proper Rocky Theme, and not the Weird Al version. "Ain't gonna fly now he's just takin' up space") Mmmm, but it does sound good to have a sandwich, on "Rye or the Kaiser" I really should get out more.

Mark Dalrymple 2003-08-06 14:16:37

ASD annual waste of time?

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