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Aug 20, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments - virus

New virus?

I’ve been getting weird emails over the past day or so. The From: address is always different, there is no body text and there is an attachment called your_document.pif. The From: address is sometimes recognizable, but seems to be spoofed.

Google only gave me 1 document for “your_document.pif” and that document states that this is a new virus called W32/Sobig.F-mm (link changed due to 404). Not much info about it yet, but it seems pretty widespread.

Update: Wow, google only had 1 document for the above search when I wrote this a few hours ago and now it has 391! Looks like this virus is just taking off. Fastest. Virus. Ever.

Heads up! Getting faster...

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