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Nov 29, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments - running race

Turkey Trot

I ran two more races this past week - the Race to Deliver 4 mile in Central Park on Sunday and the Turkey Trot 5 mile in Prospect Park yesterday. The Race to Deliver was crowded with 6000 or so other runners and I spent most of the first half of the race just swerving around everyone else. I never quite got into a groove, but I was still able to finish in 32:34.

The Turkey Trot was much more fun. The first half mile was crowded, but the rest of the race was smooth sailing. I’d never been to Prospect Park before and I was pleasantly surprised by its beauty. New York City is certainly blessed with great public parks. Anyway, I ran the last 2 miles in 15 minutes to finish in 40:12. I hope to break the 8 minute barrier soon…

Cross Country Running is addictive

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