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Sep 27, 2004 - 2 minute read - Comments - life engagement happiness

She said YES!

And I’m so happy!

Mala and me{: .inset width=500}

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Jade Rubick 2004-09-27 12:40:29


May all your troubles be *little ones*. ;-)

Carl Robert Blesius 2004-09-27 17:58:23


Hey Vin that's great, you two make a great looking couple, I wish you many happy years together. Again Congratulations.

Andy Drout 2004-09-27 18:18:54

Congratulations Dude

I'm excited that I'm gonna have a brother :)

Puja Puri 2004-09-29 20:46:14

Best wishes

Congratulations on your engagement. Nandan and I are very happy for you. You two look like a happy couple. -- Lekshmi and Nandan

Lekshmi Venu 2004-10-02 23:23:36

Thanks, everybody

I appreciate all the kind thoughts!

Vinod Kurup 2004-10-17 20:27:56


Wooo! woo woo woo!!! See, I *told* you someone would buy that old car of yours.

Mark Dalrymple 2004-10-18 20:32:58

A bit late, but : Congratulations Vinod

I look forward to having the same success one day ;)

Mark Aufflick 2004-11-21 00:59:29


She must be the luckiest girl in the world!

Mala Puri 2004-12-19 13:11:33


Have a great trip to India!!!

Puja Puri 2005-02-08 21:53:19

If I ran as much as Vinod, I could eat all the peanut butter I want

Dear Vinod,

That photo of you running behind the Terminator is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Love, Milla

Milla Tonkonogy 2005-03-29 14:32:19

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