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Jul 15, 2005 - 1 minute read - Comments - running marathon race

Bronx Half-Marathon

Finishing the Bronx Half Marathon

I ran the Bronx Half-Marathon on Sunday in 2:07:05. I ran the same race last year in 2:07:02. How’s that for consistent?. Of course, I’d rather be consistently fast than consistently slow, but I’m trying to look on the bright side. By the way, I really do enjoy these races more than my pictures would suggest :-)

We started near Lehman College and ran along beautiful tree-lined streets like Sedgwick Avenue and Mosholu Parkway. The course does a few U-turns, so you get to see the leaders coming back. That’s always motivating for me. The only annoying stretch is the out and back down the middle of the sun-exposed Grand Concourse. On a bright sunny day, that really drains you.

I hadn’t been running consistenly, so I didn’t think i’d be setting any records. I’m happy with 2:07. I just need to get in gear and be more consistent with my weekly mileage. I’m following the NYRR Marathon - Casual Marathoner guide. This week I’m supposed to run 24 miles. I’ve got 15 down so far with a 5 mile race (Dash & Splash) planned on Saturday.