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Nov 5, 2005 - 1 minute read - Comments - new-york-city race running marathon

New York Marathon Eve

The marathon is tomorrow. I can’t wait, but I’m pretty nervous. I really want to break 5 hours this time. You can track me online at the NY Marathon site. I’ll be runner number 27072.

UPDATE 2005-11-14:

I finished in 4:28:09 (chip time). I’m very happy with my time and the whole experience. Running down 4th avenue in Brooklyn was crowded, but just breathtaking. You could see a river of people for what seemed like miles ahead. I kept it slow through the first 20 miles and had hoped to turn it on at the end, but there was nothing left to turn on. So, I just enjoyed the sights and sounds. Thanks to my vocal supporters at the 18 (Mala, Milla and Ben) and 22 (Dave and Theresa, et. al.) mile marks. You guys kept me going. Here’s a couple pics from the brightroom site.

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