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Nov 29, 2005 - 6 minute read - Comments - bronx new-york-city bad mta service

MTA sucks

I had the commute from hell this morning. The 4 train went “Out of service” at 149th street, so we all got off and crowded onto the other nearly-full 4 train going downtown. They closed the doors for a minute, then opened the doors and said ‘This 4 is out of service’. So now there are 2 train-fulls of people trying to get to the 5 train downstairs. It was chaos. I was able to squeeze onto the second 5 train that came by and then we waited there for like 10 minutes. We went 1 stop to 138th street and waited for another 10-20 minutes. We finally got to 125th street. I usually switch to the 6 train at 125th because it goes local to 96th street. The 4 and 5 trains go express to 86th. So, anyway, we get to 125th and I see the 6 train waiting there, so I cross over. Big mistake. The 6 train waited for 5 minutes and then said they would be delayed. They recommended that everyone go outside and get the M101 bus! I waited for a while, just cuz I was too lazy to go up. Thirty seconds after the announcement, they closed the doors and said that the train would be going express to 86th street. I’m glad I didn’t leave to get the bus. So, I finally get to my destination, an hour later than usual, 10 blocks further downtown from where I wanted to be. I usually don’t complain about the subway, but this has happened a lot. Their service in the Bronx is much worse than in it was in Manhattan.

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the greatest city deserve a better transportation system

This pattern of service from MTA is continually occurring everyday and it is getting worse. It took me 2 and a half hours from borough hall to jewel avenue today. Everyone is saying take mass transit, take mass transit but over and over again a half an hour journey by car is taking upwards of 2 or more hours and we are traveling on rails unheeded by traffic c,mon.and it is taking flipping forever. time is important and production hours of the entire N.Y workforce is frustrated and the growth of the city suffers from this transportation.How hard is it to not spend money on bright lights and noisy trains which acoustically can be quieter inside and outside, but that is another topic on the train, but on evaluating the existing transportation network and just give us the service please. I wish there was some sort of competition, maybe efficient dollar vans to run efficiently all over the mta routes and make a size able dent into their bottomline and i bet the service would improve immediately. This dumping passengers from 2 trains unto a packed third and telling them to PLEASE be patient. over and over again and get off the train there is another one behind. (May Take Awhile)(MTA)needs to know if this service continues jobs are at risk.we are now more advanced than this service now. More growth is coming and by the way the 5 should be express all the time from 180th to 3rd ave in the bronx. the 2 train runs local there anyway. Maybe if the neighbourhood was getting gentrification then the service might get the #5 express at all times.The double standard service for Manhattan is different from the Boroughs and it needs to be stopped its unnecessary.

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Need an Efficient Point A to B service

What is this with MTA (May Take Awhile) telling people to go take a bus every time or take that other route to travel.we would have in the first place. If we wanted to take the bus or the other route tell us before we get on. it is a we dont give a crap about anybody thats your problem attitude EVERYONE PLEASE LEAVE THE TRAIN.Can someone please to arrange a petition to fix this broken system we cannot take it anymore we dont need another increase we need a simply point A to B better service.

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I got a ticket for passing car doors on the 4 train. It was the last stop of the 4 train in the bronx. i walked in from last cars last door and its half was open. there was a homeless dud sitting down there drunk. the whole car smelled! so i thought just go to the next one. as soon i go to the next one the cops tells me to go out. n gives me a ticket. F*** MTA

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Also got a ticket, e 180th st on the five, moving from a packed car to an empty one. Mta police are suppose to protect not fine every chance they get, what is there to expect !!! these guys are fresh out of high school. anyway, the 5 express isn't really an express to me in the Bronx, an express isn't suppose to stop at Simpson st because of train traffic. the 2 local, ha . unreliable . heres my thing, metro north is one of the best performing transportation systems within the mta and nation. why is that, metro north mainly serves westchester county. westchester county is ranked as the nations top ten county. so let lets think about. " ahhh, who cares about the poor to middle class residents in the outer boroughs. but the rich get reliable service. today two five expresses to 238th went out of service without reason, adding an extra 15 minutes to the commute.

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Queens service sounds better, but not by much

From the Jackson Heights area it's not uncommon to sit on a train with two or more train loads of people because trains are late, upwards of an hour late. Service here is much worse than in Manhattan, too. And to add just plain insult, trains running so far out from Manhattan reach Roosevelt Ave running local-a 25 minute+ journey inside of Queens alone-due to construction on the express tracks and then run express like "normal" the rest of the way out. WTF. Somehow this is tricking people at the end of the line into thinking there's some sort of normal service? Bullshit. Alternate trains, do something different. Having 4 of the same train pass a stop before a local train arrives is just a waste of fucking trains. Everybody who works for the thing should be fired. Out of a cannon. Into the side of an aircraft carrier. Head first.

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