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Nov 29, 2005 - 2 minute read - Comments - bronx new-york-city bad mta service

MTA sucks

I had the commute from hell this morning. The 4 train went “Out of service” at 149th street, so we all got off and crowded onto the other nearly-full 4 train going downtown. They closed the doors for a minute, then opened the doors and said ‘This 4 is out of service’. So now there are 2 train-fulls of people trying to get to the 5 train downstairs. It was chaos. I was able to squeeze onto the second 5 train that came by and then we waited there for like 10 minutes. We went 1 stop to 138th street and waited for another 10-20 minutes. We finally got to 125th street. I usually switch to the 6 train at 125th because it goes local to 96th street. The 4 and 5 trains go express to 86th. So, anyway, we get to 125th and I see the 6 train waiting there, so I cross over. Big mistake. The 6 train waited for 5 minutes and then said they would be delayed. They recommended that everyone go outside and get the M101 bus! I waited for a while, just cuz I was too lazy to go up. Thirty seconds after the announcement, they closed the doors and said that the train would be going express to 86th street. I’m glad I didn’t leave to get the bus. So, I finally get to my destination, an hour later than usual, 10 blocks further downtown from where I wanted to be. I usually don’t complain about the subway, but this has happened a lot. Their service in the Bronx is much worse than in it was in Manhattan.