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May 11, 2006 - 2 minute read - Comments - investing quarterly

Investment Update - May 2006

I sold 3 stocks (OUTL, MRINA.PK and KBALB) and bought 5 (RSC, JAX, EEI, KEYN and STS).

Sold stocks Purchased Total Return Reason for sell
Outlook Group ([OUTL]( Feb 2005 67.65% OUTL is being acquired and taken private at $13.50 per share in a transaction scheduled to close sometime this summer. I decided to sell now at $13.20 rather than wait a few months for an extra 30 cents. The risk is that another acquirer might offer a higher price before the current deal closes. My gut says that won't happen.
McRae Industries ([MRINA.PK]( Nov 2005 -12.79% MRINA.PK purposefully delisted because they felt the costs of being a listed company were too expensive. Filing and reporting requirements have increased due to Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and this is taking a toll on a lot of small companies. I've made the decision not to hold delisted companies for a variety of reasons. They're less liquid, so it's harder to get in and out of them. They're subject to fewer reporting requirements, so it's harder to see how they are doing. Most importantly, my standard online sources of financial info don't have much data about delisted companies (Yahoo, Reuters).
Kimball International ([KBALB]( Nov 2005 43.53% KBALB exceeded my market cap cutoff.

Here’s how the rest of my portfolio is doing as of April 30th, 2006.

Current Holdings Purchased Total Return (so far)
Deswell Industries ([DSWL]( Sep 2004 -23.25%
Patrick Industries ([PATK]( Feb 2005 21.25%
All American Semiconductor ([SEMI]( Feb 2005 -3.23%
Cobra Electronics ([COBR]( Feb 2005 54.08%
StarTek Inc.([SRT]( Aug 2005 65.70%
Blair Corp. ([BL]( Aug 2005 -1.81%
Communication Systems Inc. ([JCS]( Aug 2005 15.13%
Champion Industries ([CHMP]( Nov 2005 45.94%

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