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Sep 5, 2006 - 2 minute read - Comments - friends family babies wedding

3 weddings, 5 babies, 2 graduations and a dog


I love taking pictures with my trusty old Canon S200. It takes great pics and I get to take the credit. I’m just horrible about getting them off my camera and onto my website. I finally uploaded a whole bunch today, dating back to early May when we went to Philadelphia for Kevin and Joanne’s wedding. The next group is from Brooklyn and Staten Island for Mary Ann and Benjeil’s wedding. We interrupted wedding season to watch Ethan graduate from law school in Minneapolis. While in the Twin Cities, we got to spend a few minutes with Ajay. Back home, we started Memorial Day in the Cloisters, had lunch in the city (photo above), and finished the day by meeting a cute girl named Amalie (of Amalie & Ivory fame!). A week later we were back in the Midwest for Sivan’s cozy high school graduation. Nothing like watching your nephew graduate from high school to make you feel old. Mike and Susan threw a barbecue in Long Island to celebrate their farewell. Asha was there too! Next up on the wedding circuit were Russ and Michelle. They were nice enough to get married in DC, so we were able to stay with Puja and meet Loki. Mala interviewed in Norfolk where we were introduced to Kylee for the first time.

And if that’s not enough for you, here are some random pics from the Bronx. I’m sad to say that I’ve yet to take any photos of Hunter June, so I’ll point you instead to her parents' photos.

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