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Jun 3, 2007 - 3 minute read - Comments - investing quarterly

Belated Investment Update

Let’s also get caught up with my investments. I last updated in May 2006 when I bought STS, JAX, EEI, KEYN and RSC.

At my next quarterly evaluation in August 2006, I sold DSWL at a loss of 16.7% because I had held it for 2 years and it no longer met my criteria for a stock I would want to buy. I bought SYPR and BSET.

In November 2006, I sold SEMI because it reported a negative quarter on top of negative trailing 12 month earnings. I sold it at $3.02, for a 42.8% loss, just a few days before SEMI announced that it was filing for bankruptcy and dropped to $0.28. Sometimes you get lucky. I bought SGC, IAL, FLXS, CULS, PRCP, and PARL.

In February of 2007, I sold KEYN for a 18.9% gain and SYPR for a 22% loss because both reported a negative quarter on top of 12 month negative earnings. I sold SRT for a 16.2% loss because it was such a small portion of my portfolio and it didn’t meet my buy criteria. I sold COBR for a 23.9% gain and PATK for a 16.7% gain because I’d held both for 2 years, but they no longer met my buy criteria. I bought AIRT, HDNG, AWX, CAV, and JCTCF.

In April/May 2007, IAL got bought out for a 16.8% gain and BL got bought out for a 11.0% gain. I sold JCS for a 21.4% gain because they had fallen behind multiple quarters in their filings. I bought PMRY, POP and HOOK. POP dropped about 40% on the day that I bought it. Sometimes you get unlucky.

Here’s how the rest of my portfolio is doing as of May 31st, 2007.

Current Holdings Purchased Total Return (so far)
Champion Industries ([CHMP]( Nov 2005 76.74%
REX Stores ([RSC]( May 2006 -18.49%
Ecology & Environment ([EEI]( May 2006 21.97%
J. Alexander's ([JAX]( May 2006 53.18%
Supreme Industries ([STS]( May 2006 -8.93%
Bassett Furniture Industries ([BSET]( Aug 2006 -11.62%
Superior Uniform Group ([SGC]( Nov 2006 -2.59%
Flexsteel Industries ([FLXS]( Nov 2006 13.85%
Cost-U-Less ([CULS]( Nov 2006 12.05%
Perceptron ([PRCP]( Nov 2006 3.04%
Parlux Fragrances ([PARL]( Nov 2006 -30.08%
Hardinge ([HDNG]( Feb 2007 102.01%
Avalon Holdings ([AWX]( Feb 2007 32.50%
Cavalier Homes ([CAV]( Feb 2007 21.11%
Jewett-Cameron Trading Co. ([JCTCF]( Feb 2007 24.82%
Air T ([AIRT]( Feb 2007 11.97%
Redhook Ale Brewery ([HOOK]( May 2007 4.89%
Pope & Talbot ([POP]( May 2007 -46.95%
Pomeroy IT Solutions ([PMRY]( May 2007 6.95%

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Vinod!!! I have no idea how you have time for all of this stuff (plus reading books), but I have two things to say:

1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW BABY! You must be so proud and so happy. I always knew that sweet Mala, who loves the Gilmore Girls and Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, is really a warrior on the inside and could tough out a delivery that would send me to the morphine drip.

2. On a side note, I think the large caps are back man! In this world of private equity money and uber-duber liquidity, go large baby.

Anonymous 2007-06-06 19:23:44

No excuses Kavi Arrives!

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