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Jul 15, 2010 - 2 minute read - Comments - family parenting


Kavi’s bedroom - 8PM

DADDY and KAVI are lying next to each other in KAVI’s bed doing their bedtime ritual. They have finished singing a song and are recapping the day.

DADDY: Did you play with playdoh today?


DADDY: Are you sure? Did you play with playdoh this morning before going to the Puffin room?

(KAVI thinks)

KAVI: Yes. I did. Why did I play with playdoh?

DADDY: Because you wanted to. You asked me if you could play with it.

KAVI: Why did I want to play with the playdoh?

DADDY: I don’t know.

KAVI: Why you don’t know?

DADDY: Because. I can’t answer that question.

KAVI: Why you can’t answer that question?

DADDY: It’s a question of your motivation, KAVI. I can speculate about why you wanted to play with the playdoh, but I can’t tell you why you wanted to.


KAVI: Why?

DADDY: I can tell you what I want, but I can’t tell you what you want.

KAVI: What do you want DADDY?

(DADDY takes a deep breath)

DADDY: A lot of things. I want you to grow up to be a strong, intelligent, loving, happy boy. I want Anika to grow up to be a strong, intelligent, loving, happy girl. I want Mommy to be able to do what she wants in life. I want all of us to travel, spend time with family, and enjoy the world. That’s what I want.

KAVI: oh.

DADDY: What do you want?

KAVI: Playdoh.

Happy New Year inotify

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