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Mar 4, 2011 - 2 minute read - Comments - web

Letter Sweep

Tim Bray posted the links that his browser displays when he types each letter of the alphabet. Here’s mine:

[A]dSense. I spend too much time watching the zero’s pile up.

[B]orkware. Always good for a quickie. Wait… that didn’t sound right.

[C]ite-U-Like. I’ve started to use this site to keep track of journal articles that I read.

[D]ocs (Google). I store my Habits spreadsheet, my weight spreadsheet, our address book spreadsheet (because Google contacts aren’t shareable) and other random documents.

[E]vernote. I’ve been trying to use this more to keep a central repository of notes, but it hasn’t stuck yet.

[F]acebook. I don’t know why this is there. I never use facebook.

[G]queues. I’m surprised that Google lost this one. I’m using Gqueues to keep track of my todos. It’s pretty nice. My main complaint is that it’s a little slow and there’s no Android client.

[H]ttp:// Oh, how embarrassing. OK, my name is Vinod Kurup and I’m a facebook addict.

[I]nstapaper. I store longer articles here for later reading. I use the Instafetch client on Android to read them.

[J]ournal Watch. Phew! At least one site relevant to my day job!

[K] The most amazing site on the internet.

[L]loogg. tail -f access.log for the web

[M]yfitnesspal. We’re using this to track our diet and exercise. We used to use Fitday, but this is so much easier and there’s a social component that is motivating. It’s amazing how comprehensive their food database is.

[N] Mostly for printer cartridges, but occasionally for toys.

Duke [O]utlook. My new work webmail. Outlook 2010 == HIT’s idea of modern.

[P]icasaweb. Pictures of the cutest kids in the world.

[Q]. This space for rent.

[R] I’m trying to learn ruby (the right way)

[S] My University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Packer and Milwaukee Bucks/Brewers addiction is slow to die.

[T]witter. Yup, I still use

[U]. bUeller… bUeller…

[V]ictory Village. Kid’s daycare. Lots of snow this winter meant lots of checks to see if daycare was open.

Old Duke [W]ebmail. Lotus Notes, then Outlook 2007, now defunct.

[X]KCD. The best comic strip in the world.

[Y]outube. Videos of the cutest kids in the world. Plus I think there are some other videos there…

[Z]. This space left intentionally blank.

And had to add (because it’s so heavily used):

[1] My local Jekyll server.

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