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Aug 16, 2012 - 1 minute read - Comments - fatherhood happiness

A great moment

I woke up, got ready and went downstairs. I am not a morning person. I try to do as little thinking as possible, because thinking eventually leads to the rational conclusion that I should just go back to bed. I get to the coffee machine, grab my plastic mug and start pouring. Suddenly, I’m woken from my daze. I hear little footsteps pounding across the hallway above me. I look towards the bottom of the stairs and see a little figure race around the corner with a determined, slightly fearful look in her face. She’s afraid that she’s too late and that I’ve already left for work. She spies me and I must be smiling because her face melts into the biggest, happiest smile and her pace quickens. We run to meet each other in a big hug. “Daddy, can I watch the milk go in your coffee?”

Moments like that are so joyous, and I have underestimated how much they mean to me. I want to capture them and never let them go.

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