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Jul 23, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments - programming emacs

Some Emacs Posts

A few cool Emacs posts have flown across my radar, so I’m noting them here for that time in the future when I have time to play with them.

  • Get unicode glyphs to show properly. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Creating slides with org-mode and Reveal.js. Finally, a sane way to create a presentation :)
  • Anzu: Improves incremental search. Anzu shows the number of matches found, and how many matches remain in the document. Anzu in action Anzu in action
  • Emacs as a Django IDE: I tried this out briefly, but didn’t end up sticking with it. It seemed too heavyweight. I’m probably just too used to my own workflow. I still think it’s an interesting idea and would like to try it again sometime.
  • Travel back and forth in git history: I’m addicted to magit mode, to the point that the only git command I use manually nowadays is git clone. I do everything else in magit. Magit has a magit-blame-mode which shows when each line in a file was changed and by whom. git-timemachine seems to take that a step further by visiting each revision, one by one. I can think of a few times where that would have been useful.
  • Search StackOverflow from inside Emacs: Enough said.
  • Emacs RSS client: Still using NewsBlur, but totally miss Google Reader. Maybe I need to try this one out.
  • Sacha Chua’s minicourse on Elisp: Have to read through this someday!

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